Sarah has really helped me achieve clarity and fullfillness in my mind and my body... Marcel P


       It's the repetitive motion, and the rhythmic sweep of the hands….I felt very light... Janet B brought back a deep sense of peace, balance and relaxation, rejuvenation and oneness... Rosen H

           ...for me it has been for healing of the mind, healing of the body & recently healing of the heart....Larelle Z

alloha_shw.jpgExperience the Aloha spirit through
Sarah's Holistic Wellness

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Lomilomi Massage Courses

Our extensively trained therapists combine lomilomi hawaiian massage and deep tissue massage techniques to give you exactly what you are looking for in relaxation and muscle renewal. Our signature massage will help you rejuvenate, recuperate and relax to improve your sense of wellbeing. The release of stress and tension just melts away which allows the body's own healing process to begin.The true purpose of Lomi Lomi is to bring balance and a sense of well being of body, mind and spirit.

The modern day practice of Hawaiian Massage is deeply influenced by Kahuna wisdom and skills, yet softened by the informality and softness of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Lomilomi was a more accessible massage given by family members for relaxation and recuperation within the extended family. Lomi Lomi, a respected tradition in itself, was passed down from generation to generation; with each group having it’s own style and merit. Hawaiian Massage is the practical hands-on expression of this enriching, rejuvenating and compassionate massage system. Devotedly passed down from the ancients to the present day, Hawaiian Massage is overflowing with the spirit and grace of Aloha, the Hawaiian word for love. Hawaiian Massage was developed in an era when life was abundant with generosity, goodwill and loving kindness. These attitudes, universal to all humanity, continue to be expressed in the practice of Hawaiian Massage.



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